Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my NYFW diary: september 8.

today was full of surprises! i woke up bright and early to the sound of sirens (city love) and picked up my press credentials for the week...met some fun photographers and reporters there. my day then consisted of visiting the teen vogue offices, where i saw some of my favorite editors, and 'tweeters' for that matter. among them--@evachen. 4 times square is a magical place. i decided to take a quick stop at starbucks to order a venti ice water, and ran into alessandra ambrosio (my favorite model of all time!) and ana beatriz. i have never been more happy about my decision to go to starbucks! from there, i stopped by trader joes to grab some more protein bars and matcha green tea mints and headed down to soho to meet my friend jayme for lunch. her mulberry street apartment is so darn cute, not to mention the restaurant we went to for lunch, called ruby's. i love nyc because everyone sits at the same table even if they are strangers. my afternoon finished out with seeing old friends at the michael kors showroom and watching michael run around like crazy preparing last touches, while models stopped in for castings...their natural style and the chaos of fashion week is such an exhilarating combo. tomorrow the shows begin...yipee! stay tuned...
alessandra ambrosio and ana beatriz

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