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hey everyone,

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leading a visual life.

i am crazy, crazy, crazy about this video documenting the sartorialist's one and only sam schuman. he holds a perspective that grace coddington (creative director of vogue; see has so dearly adopted as a mandatory way of life: when out and about, do not close your eyes because you never know what might inspire you. he asserts this outlook--"keep your eyes open, and really relate to what you are seeing, react to what you are seeing..." there is surely an art to reacting--it is something that cannot be copied, where individualism is guaranteed because there is something inside us that attracts to a scene, a person, a visual inspiration. the best part is that it cannot be explained.

the man behind the renowned sartorialist camera has a raw story that offers the risk taker, the innovative type, and the off-the-cuff creative thinker, relational hope and boosting encouragement. why? because he was the sports guy who never never assisted for anyone, who's resume was not his beacon of hope, but rather his instinctual style came solely from trial and error, where he narrowed his talent and embraced his unpredictable quest to explore his original flair.

daily, i think about how little i know, how much more i could stretch my brain and my creative eagerness... and it wasn't until sam schuman's quote that i realized this is a positive thing--"my lack of knowledge in the beginning really helped and made me refine what little I knew to make it wasn't really the technical aspect of photography, but how it communicated to me, how it created certain curiosities..." when something is over my head, eliminating the fear, and turning it into action makes learning so much deeper and makes skill so much more appreciated.

there is not just one right way: "it's so instinctual the way I shoot; the way I do it is just the way I do it." be who you are. look to people for inspiration rather than identity.

i love when the stories teach, when knowledge is digested outside of a cookie-cutter learning facility, and when something finally clicks because someone shared. this fascinating documentary has done just that for me.

closing thought. be a part of what the technology has to offer: "the internet has given us a digital park bench...really the whole world's open to you now..." people watching has gone global. love that.

Monday, January 3, 2011

arctic favorites.

Neutral Love
givenchy is having a leopard moment with the 'george V bag,' and i am a major fan. this rag and bone knit makes gray so exciting. alexander wang clearly knows how to construct a dress. these michael kors booties are so classic and cozy. to top it off: alexander wang sunnies can do no wrong.

Friday, December 31, 2010

reflecting on the noughties.

i cannot believe that it has already been a decade since the turn of the century. what an age of fashion it has been: where high street designer collaborations graced the industry, allowing for karl lagerfeld and lanvin (amongst countless others) to be bought at an affordable penny! thank youu h&m, target, and topshop (just to name a few); where shoes became the "it" thing over bags, aka ysl's cage shoes, burberry's hiker pumps, and alexander mcqueen's armadillo boots. shoes evolved into artistic masterpieces...the more impractical, the better, causing for many model tumbles in the catwalk seasons.
to skim the surface--the noughties can be defined as:
the decade of strong support of the troops: balmain led the waging trend of military influence.

the decade where cruise and pre-collections became a priority on the consumer's agenda.

the decade of the creative director: tom ford at ysl and gucci, karl lagerfeld at chanel, stella mccartney at chloe, and phoebe philo at chloe and celine.

the decade of celebrity turned designers:  kate moss for topshop and longchamp,  madonna for h&m, in addition to victoria beckham, mischa barton, whitney port, THE olsens, erin wasson, alexa chung, and agyness deyn launching their own fantastic lines. (side note: i left out lauren conrad for a reason). 

the decade of skinny jeans, the blogger's voice, ethical awareness, sci-fi influence, and vintage love.

i am in utter anticipation of what the next decade will hold. tomorrow starts everything...happy new year!!! xo, lo
michael kors would love this camel accent over the festive red, black, and blue.
photos: becauseimaddicted and le fashion, Erin Wasson by Santiago Esteban for Elle Spain January 2011

Saturday, December 25, 2010

candy cane red.

santa brought me this lipstick in my stocking. it's so vibrant and fun. merry christmas!
photo: bare style

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

it's that time of year.

the holidays are in full swing, and i am breaking with some fireside hot chocolate, furry blankets, and christmas carols. i will be back soon with some don't-want-to-miss features, sartorial opinions, and splendid new ventures that are planned to unfold in the big 20-11. the new year is just around the corner! as for now...merry (early) christmas to all, and to all a good night.
 sit back, relax, loosen up, and enjoy the color of holiday festivities! (and the black and white for that matter). lack of saturation does not mean lack of fun.
photos: nymag and olsenaddicts

Thursday, December 9, 2010

we will, we will rock you.

i spy a hint of tribal traits (currently trending). i love to take bits of summer heat and translate them into fierce cool-weather dispositions. take a break from built up pretense that resides in methodical work days and settle into your true self. calling all surfer-girl wannabees (AKA laid back ladies) to a place where prim and proper does not suffice, where 'yes mam' does not fit into the vocabulary...adopt some weaved bracelets to embrace your powder puff playing attitude, and focus in on your creative determination.

fierce translation number two. head to toe in deep dark hues can be just as laid back as bright braided wristlets. pale skin, shaded sleek hair, and deep lips are anything but depressing. they are simply stunning, especially for winter. something worth scribbling: wide leg trousers are entering into the fashion front full force. embrace their effortless leg-lengthening qualities, and remember to pair them with a fitted, slimming top to even out the proportions.
photos: skinnyvscurvy and premieremodelstyle

Friday, December 3, 2010

a bundle of cheer.

do you find yourself in a gift-giving rut? maybe these ideas will spark a bundle of cheer!

for your uber-fashionable friend who needs another closet...a turban, deep red nail polish, alexis bittar anything, or some extra-heavy, studlicious clogs will do.
for the mom or dad or granny or boyfriend or best friend (you get the picture) who needs some tlc: the best-hour-of-your-life massage from allan brian speer (can be contacted through the ann webb spa dallas). choose from sports, deep tissue, or accupressure at a crazy reasonable dollar.
for the sweetie-pie type who seems to make everything cute...a little-too-big hat will fit. or grab her some loeffler randall rain booties with a complimentary purl soho sock pattern (knit it yourself for extra kuddos).
for the special one who sees the world through lenses of love: a heart-shaped pair of sunnies or some old-school can never go wrong.
for the beauty who decorates her room in red, black, and audrey hepburn...go for the steve madden leopard sophie-L heel or an adorable apron from anthropologie.
for the fitness and nutrition guru who is a hippie at heart...a jonathan adler stainless steel water bottle, a topshop flower umbrella, eco friendly vickerey candles, or a freaking-awesome yoga mat will be right up her alley.

for the naturalist who adds spunk to every room, flavor to every experience, and laughter to every word...the seychelles bismuth ankle bootie or the beekman 1802 'a year in the country' soap box set will rock her world.
for the traveler who wants to capture the world...a camera from urban outfitters or a donna wilson lavendar scent eye mask for those long plane rides and unfamiliar hotel beds will make her count down for the next trip.
for your man...a brooklyn brew shop beer making kit is pretty darn cool.
photos from refinery29 

Monday, November 29, 2010


it's official. i am enthralled by organic skin care, and this includes the fun stuff: makeup. it was about two weeks ago that i became my own guinea pig to try toxin free products, and i have to admit i had high hopes but average expectations. i am the kind of girl that switches from product to product after months of experimentation, only to find that i am dissatisfied with the results. well, i have good news! as i am now an avid user of skin organics (for life!), it seemed that using chemical-infused makeup would defeat the purpose of all this goodness. all or nothing only made sense.

that is when i learned of a line called mineral fusion. newsflash: it feeds your skin. it works together with your antioxidant-filled cleanser and your healing moisturizer. instead of clogging pores, it actually metabolizes your skin, protects against sun damage, strengthens your surface structure, and balances hydration. go figure. the crazy thing is that i haven't even cracked the surface. engage yourself in groundbreaking beauty bliss here:
where to start? the concealer and foundation are ridiculously amazing. fun little extras: the eyeshadow holiday set is gorgeous, the highlighting powder creates a stunning glow, and the mascara will make batting your eyelashes a whole lot cuter (strategy for more products?).

why use this mineral makeup brand? it has credibility. it is the top selling makeup line in all whole foods stores across the country, not to mention it has numerous mentions in america's most popular magazines and blogs. +, they are created with natural preservatives that are affective for every skin type, and unlike most mineral makeup lines, the products are compact rather than loose. dear santa...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

the epitome of winter.

frida: so hott right now. h&m: so hott right now. winter: so hott right now.

what is your holiday trend of choice? whether it's a minimalist, masculine, oxford-layering, boyfriend-blazer undertaking absent of accessories or an ultra-feminine, peter-pan collar, jeweled bangle kind of endeavor, make sure that voluminous hair is a fixed part of the cool weather equation.
the masculine minimalist: slouch the jeans a tad, rock the horizontal strips, and ensure structure with a lengthy blazer.
the ultra feminine lady: peter pan collars are a must, color blocks allow for stand-out jewelry, clean lines are part of the deal, and rouge lips are a duh.
you know who you are. mess up your hair on purpose, layer layer layer with collared shirts and prepster sweaters, and make the jacket waist tie cool again. 
all put together. hair half up. winter white. wrists stacked in gold. a heavily embellished neckline.
keep your attitude and never lose your own personality.
photos: becauseimaddicted

Monday, November 22, 2010

fall dressing.

utterly inspired by black and white reels.
try this new salad dressing recipe for the winter season. it will warm your heart. 

1 cup extra virgin light olive oil
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
1/2 tsp season salt
1 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp pepper
 for added spice, check out the infused vinegars and oils at whole foods.

cargos are the best thing since sliced bread. 
don't forget to dance in a flowy dress as you flashback on childhood holiday memories. tap into your inner youthfulness.
light and sultry are always complements.
  i find myself deep in the heart of texas.
i find myself in dreams of the sea, where crashing waves speak louder than color.
i find myself in the center of the city, bundled in fur, shading the clouds with avies.
  photos: surlatable, bistrochic, altamira, modelina, vogue, knightcat

Saturday, November 20, 2010

pumpkin comeback.

rescue a drab winter with bright soles.

Friday, November 19, 2010

certified love.

this day is historical in my life. why? years of questions,  and today i have found a solid answer. hoorah! the resolution: skin organics. i have searched long and hard (my mom can attest to this) for a skin care line that i trust and did i mention that actually works? and by works, i don't mean executing the promised sales pitch for a month and then stopping suspiciously at the warranty end date. i mean sustainably producing noticeable results.

fact. did you know that the focus of most major commercial products are made up of 90% marketing and 10% product development? conclusion: yikes.

after weeks of reading through shocking articles addressing the issue of toxic chemicals in the majority of skin care lines, i decided that my use of them needed to come to a screeching hault. i couldn't bare another day moisturizing with cancer-causing components after lathering hazardous chemicals onto my skin.

wondering about your own products? the skin deep database will become your new best friend.

so during one of my daily stops to whole foods (pardon my addiction), i was introduced to skin organics, and the rest was history. stay tuned for my personal experience blurbs with these antioxidant rich products, and check back for not-to-miss nuggets of knowledge after my visits with the charming and inspiring founder, ann webb.

for the impatient and curious types: check out the products at or in person at whole foods. for a pro-consultation facial, make a visit to the newly opened ann webb spa in lakewood, which is a dream come true for lovers of serenity. if you take this advice, i guarantee you will be enchanted, and your skin will blissfully thank you. 

lo's cliffhanger: mineral fusion makeup is next up in line for full-on coverage.

winner for shopswagg.

the winner for the shopswagg contest is colleen!!! congrats, and enjoy the event with your +1 :-) please contact me at so that i can get the tickets to you. xoxo

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ahead of the game.

when winter comes, warm seasons inevitably begin filling our dreams and fashion starts planning for the next wave of weather. spring forecast: plunging necklines assigned to long hemlines saturated in soft colors. these blending of trends were dominant on the runways and exquisitely expressed in the roland mouret show. in addition to lemonade stands and iced tea, sweet greens and rich sun-shining yellows will offer refreshment to the tropical spring days ahead.
photos: nymag

Saturday, November 13, 2010


comfy cozy cute is cocorosa. loving this blogger. translate these photos into your reality with chunky knits, fringe, and shearling (a fall must-have). add some nerdy ray-bans to show off your fashionably intelligent side. did i forget to mention neutrals? and turbans...and slit shoulder dresses...need i say more?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

blog contest!

the nyc shopswagg event is just around the corner. on the agenda: "sip cocktails and listen to tunes, while shopping from NYC designers and boutiques. indulge in spa treatments and complimentary makeup applications." this is something that you won't want to miss. more details here:

sign up to follow my blog in order to be entered to win 2 free tickets. winners will be announced november 19.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


we thank chuck bass for introducing us to clemence poesy. i heart her organic look and henley flannel. hello fall!
photos: lefashion