Thursday, December 9, 2010

we will, we will rock you.

i spy a hint of tribal traits (currently trending). i love to take bits of summer heat and translate them into fierce cool-weather dispositions. take a break from built up pretense that resides in methodical work days and settle into your true self. calling all surfer-girl wannabees (AKA laid back ladies) to a place where prim and proper does not suffice, where 'yes mam' does not fit into the vocabulary...adopt some weaved bracelets to embrace your powder puff playing attitude, and focus in on your creative determination.

fierce translation number two. head to toe in deep dark hues can be just as laid back as bright braided wristlets. pale skin, shaded sleek hair, and deep lips are anything but depressing. they are simply stunning, especially for winter. something worth scribbling: wide leg trousers are entering into the fashion front full force. embrace their effortless leg-lengthening qualities, and remember to pair them with a fitted, slimming top to even out the proportions.
photos: skinnyvscurvy and premieremodelstyle

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