Friday, November 19, 2010

certified love.

this day is historical in my life. why? years of questions,  and today i have found a solid answer. hoorah! the resolution: skin organics. i have searched long and hard (my mom can attest to this) for a skin care line that i trust and did i mention that actually works? and by works, i don't mean executing the promised sales pitch for a month and then stopping suspiciously at the warranty end date. i mean sustainably producing noticeable results.

fact. did you know that the focus of most major commercial products are made up of 90% marketing and 10% product development? conclusion: yikes.

after weeks of reading through shocking articles addressing the issue of toxic chemicals in the majority of skin care lines, i decided that my use of them needed to come to a screeching hault. i couldn't bare another day moisturizing with cancer-causing components after lathering hazardous chemicals onto my skin.

wondering about your own products? the skin deep database will become your new best friend.

so during one of my daily stops to whole foods (pardon my addiction), i was introduced to skin organics, and the rest was history. stay tuned for my personal experience blurbs with these antioxidant rich products, and check back for not-to-miss nuggets of knowledge after my visits with the charming and inspiring founder, ann webb.

for the impatient and curious types: check out the products at or in person at whole foods. for a pro-consultation facial, make a visit to the newly opened ann webb spa in lakewood, which is a dream come true for lovers of serenity. if you take this advice, i guarantee you will be enchanted, and your skin will blissfully thank you. 

lo's cliffhanger: mineral fusion makeup is next up in line for full-on coverage.


  1. LOVE your blog! Thanks for the input on this product line. I can completely relate. I'm constantly looking for a good skin care line that works and won't make my skin funky. I love Whole Foods and intend to go to my local store tomorrow to see if I can purchase this product. I'm looking forward to your future posts about the skin care line and the founder. Keep me posted!!


  2. LAUREN. I love your blog...

    also I will HAVE to go immediately after work to buy this. I just looked at that website and was HORRIFIED to say the least.


  3. Tiffany--so glad!! It has seriously changed my skin in a week, and I have tried SO many things. I use the Peppermint Milk Cleanser, and Ann told me to let it soak longer than it says so it will soak into dead skin cells. Also, the Pomegranate Moisturizer is incredible (I use this in the morning), and the Goji Berry serum at night.

    Lindsey--Thank you!! I am glad you read:) Isn't it horrifying?? The scary part is that I have been so unaware for so long!!

  4. Hi Lauren! I bought the Peppermint Milk Cleanser. I really like it so far. I need to try the Pomegranate Moisturizer next. :)

  5. Awesome, so glad you like it! I have been switching between the peppermint milk (when my skin is dry), and the spearmint cleanser (if I feel like I might have a breakout). The Pomegranate moisturizer is incredible.