Saturday, November 27, 2010

the epitome of winter.

frida: so hott right now. h&m: so hott right now. winter: so hott right now.

what is your holiday trend of choice? whether it's a minimalist, masculine, oxford-layering, boyfriend-blazer undertaking absent of accessories or an ultra-feminine, peter-pan collar, jeweled bangle kind of endeavor, make sure that voluminous hair is a fixed part of the cool weather equation.
the masculine minimalist: slouch the jeans a tad, rock the horizontal strips, and ensure structure with a lengthy blazer.
the ultra feminine lady: peter pan collars are a must, color blocks allow for stand-out jewelry, clean lines are part of the deal, and rouge lips are a duh.
you know who you are. mess up your hair on purpose, layer layer layer with collared shirts and prepster sweaters, and make the jacket waist tie cool again. 
all put together. hair half up. winter white. wrists stacked in gold. a heavily embellished neckline.
keep your attitude and never lose your own personality.
photos: becauseimaddicted


  1. LOOOVE FRIDA! just did a posting on her on one of my blogs <3
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  2. LOVE your blogs:-)!!! Following them now. I am also putting them on my blog list! XO