Monday, November 29, 2010


it's official. i am enthralled by organic skin care, and this includes the fun stuff: makeup. it was about two weeks ago that i became my own guinea pig to try toxin free products, and i have to admit i had high hopes but average expectations. i am the kind of girl that switches from product to product after months of experimentation, only to find that i am dissatisfied with the results. well, i have good news! as i am now an avid user of skin organics (for life!), it seemed that using chemical-infused makeup would defeat the purpose of all this goodness. all or nothing only made sense.

that is when i learned of a line called mineral fusion. newsflash: it feeds your skin. it works together with your antioxidant-filled cleanser and your healing moisturizer. instead of clogging pores, it actually metabolizes your skin, protects against sun damage, strengthens your surface structure, and balances hydration. go figure. the crazy thing is that i haven't even cracked the surface. engage yourself in groundbreaking beauty bliss here:
where to start? the concealer and foundation are ridiculously amazing. fun little extras: the eyeshadow holiday set is gorgeous, the highlighting powder creates a stunning glow, and the mascara will make batting your eyelashes a whole lot cuter (strategy for more products?).

why use this mineral makeup brand? it has credibility. it is the top selling makeup line in all whole foods stores across the country, not to mention it has numerous mentions in america's most popular magazines and blogs. +, they are created with natural preservatives that are affective for every skin type, and unlike most mineral makeup lines, the products are compact rather than loose. dear santa...


  1. Thanks for introducing to this line ... sounds amazing. I also believe (even though don't follow it strictly) that everything that goes on your face and body should be all natural and organic, just like the food we eat.

  2. Great post!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! =)

  3. I agree that everything that is put on your body should be organic!

  4. I will need more convincing to turn away from MAC eye shadow and Dior mascara. But with more info, perhaps I will experiment?....

    ps - this is from Lori Nollette at the Village, my hubby Dana and I know your parents well, and they told us about your blog today, had to check it out :-)