Saturday, September 11, 2010

my NYFW diary: september 11.

the likes of diego binetti started off my day in lincoln center. it was a full-sighted pleasure where embroidery, lace overlays, and beaded crystals merely cracked the surface of the spectacular detail and embellishment in this collection. after snapping some photos, i filled my free afternoon with some catch-up writing left over from the insanity of yesterday, and caught up on some rest and relaxation by hanging around lincoln center for a bit, people watching and taking in the myriad of exciting creative things happening all at once. as i was walking to the backstage area to grab some snap shots of the models, i bumped into a photog friend that i had met when picking up my credentials, and we had a fun little mini photo shoot on the street (credit to my current elliots:)) as another camera jumped in on the action. little did i know, it was and wwd. theme of fashion week: you never know who is standing right next to you. this happenstance occured with topshop uk to boot--i was quite excited about that. i love learning from these fantastic artists. next up: one of my favorite past times: pit stop at whole foods food bar and lunch on a shady bench in central park. it was the prime day for this. fashion break over--my friend jayme (a pro show crasher, might i add) and i headed to pier94 on hudson to attempt an entry into alexander wang. it was full, but the people watching outside the show was almost as good as getting in. astonishing style. spotted: bloggers hanneli mustaparta and tavi, maggie gyllenhal, erin wasson, and rachel zoe. wanting to soak up every last minute in this riveting crowd, my alarm reminded me that i had to get going to the charlotte ronson show. brisk walking turned into a jog with seven short blocks, two long blocks, and five minutes to spare. i bumped into tim gunn on the way in and made it to my seat all to be once again inspired by this high energy collection. cheerio darlings!

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