Sunday, September 12, 2010

my NYFW diary: september 12.

come rain or shine, fashion week still carries on in full force! what a fun filled day with new adventures around every corner, from the instant i woke up to the moment i stepped back into my sweat pants and t-shirt. this morning, i grazed down to the derek lam show to shoot some model street style. little did i know who i would run in to. i was approaching back stage, and i saw a white bob in the near clicked with me--abbey lee kershaw, AKA one of my favorite models. ever. i met up with the normal crew, who i see everyday (it becomes such a small world), one of which is craig from altamira (my most adored model blog!). snap shots of freja beha, anja rubrik, and karlie kloss, amongst many others, were taken captive by a flash, and the energy only seemed to crescendo as the rain started to fall. music video anyone? no one seemed to notice; we were having too much fun delgating mini photo shoots. i took the rest of the morning off, and by that i mean going to urban outfitters. i don't know why, but they are just better in nyc. the clock hit three. back to lincoln center! i took a breather at the itty-bitty cafe to people watch, succumbed to some pop chips and muscle milk giveaways, and sparked up a convo with two filmographers about organic beauty products and my distant relation to earl scruggs. random. checked in for trias. the show was fun, but the clothes were so-so. nothing seemed to really strike me. from here, i caught the subway and headed over to my old stomping grounds for church at apostles. it was wonderful. then, me and my sweet friend katie scavengered through trader joes since my refrigerator is looking a bit lonely, and then walked over to spice for a scrumptious din. we split some seafood dumplings and lemongrass chicken over amazing conversation. so encouraged and thankful for her friendship. the subway ride home was full of funny stories that will be saved for the imagination, all to end up at square one--recapping the doorman, terry, and michael about my day. it amazes me how much occurs in one twenty-four hour period in this melting pot of a city. i heart nyc.


  1. Great snaps!!!

    Fun blog. I am having so much fun in ny for fw!~